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Baby and Me

November 4, 2010

I’ve been in Malawi for almost three months now, and my baby holding count is through the roof.

Sometimes I hold babies because mother’s like to see the reaction of their child in the arms of an azungu.  Sometimes I hold babies because older women like to see if I this azungu actually manage to hold a baby. But most of the time, I hold babies because in my never ending quest to be somewhat useful, holding babies is my best bet.

And it’s not because I’m especially good at it.  More, that I’m exceptionally bad at most other things around the house/mini-bus/market/village. Taking a baby so that the mother can sweep, sift, stir, scrub, *insert any household activity here* seems to be the most efficient and effective form of aid I can provide to her.

While at work, I feel like I am generally fairly competent and capable (although we all have our days, of course); outside of the office, my contributions to society are significantly less.  I’ve been delegated a role generally reserved for small girls, under the age of 10.

I’m not complaining.  There are definitely worse things in life than cuddling a cute kid.  I’m just wondering if I should become resigned to the fact that the answer to the question “Can I help you?” will most likely be “You can take this baby”.

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  1. liz permalink
    November 4, 2010 11:24 pm

    be grateful there are babies around to hold. there weren’t a lot of babies in my circle, so when i asked what i could do to help, i was most told that i just needed to sit in the shade and rest so the sun wouldn’t make me tired. i did a whole lot of nothing. well, a lot of thinking. but that really isn’t useful to anyone but myself.

  2. Sandra permalink
    November 5, 2010 1:28 am

    Caring for children is the most important job a parent has, so you should be honored they trust you with their babies. 🙂

  3. Pat Dunstan permalink
    November 8, 2010 10:53 pm

    Enjoy and give them lots of love. I like it when we have a Baptism at St. James and Coral passes around the bottle of water which will be poured into the font. Each person is to hold the bottle and think of one word they wish for that child. I never get to touch the bottle but I sure do wish hard for lots of love in the little life. I LOVE hearing from you. Keep well and keep up the good work! Love to you.

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